15 March 2017


Robi Unlimited Validity Internet!!!

Robi introduced Unlimited
Validity Pack
for their valued subscribers to encourage them for browsing more without any condition of validity.During the offer all prepaid/ postpaid users will be eligible for UNLIMITED validity pack offer.
Internet Volume(MB) EL Price USSD Price
(Excl. VAT+SD+SC)
USSD activation code Validity
350 124 99 *123*99# Unlimited
1024 244 199 *123*199#
2048 364 299 *123*299#
10240 N/A 1559 *123*1559#

Additional Information:
  • Data volume can be used in 2G/3G network environment.
  • Subscribers will get internet level usage warning in 50%, 80% and 100% level.
  • For internet balance check dial *123*3# or *8444*88#
  • EL packs are applicable for only prepaid users

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