04 March 2017


Use Emoji On Fb 2017 Very Easily

Some times we see some buddy is using advanced emoji on facebook post comments..

In default we can not use then on facebook posts or comments..

How can they use those emojis on facebook’s post or comments??

Its easy to use those emojis on any facebook post or comments if you have an android phone..

But by the help of a android keyboard we can easily use thos advanced emojis any where in fb



Download:Emoji Keyboard United

Then install it.

You don’t need to use this keyboard all the time when you need to post those emoji just change your keyboard “Input metthod to Emoji keyboard: Color Emoji

emoji keyboard swip q (1) emoji keyboard swip q (2)


Then you can easily input emoji on fb posts and comments


Stay with trickbd for more cool tricks 😉


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